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What can Proud Creations do for you?

Well, we can do...

Scamps and quick sketches for presentations and pitches
these are loose illustrations to create an idea of what a final ad, motion picture or product will look like.

Line art
this is mostly used in user manuals and on packaging of products to depict how things are used or work.

Story book and comic illustrations
These are limitless to style and technique. These can be done to look like oil paintings, crisp vector art, pastel, loose inking, pencil, digital, 3d or whatever you fancy.

Realistic Advertising Illustrations
If you require realism or fantasy to have your client relate to your product or service... the sky is the limit. These illustrations end up being the most interesting and challenging illustrations.

Photo retouching and comping
The art of retouching existing photographs or manipulating them to adapt to your requirements is our specialty. This is the visual stuff advertising is made of...

Character design and development
Do you require a mascot for your product or service? We can design characters in any style to suit your ad campaign, logo or theme.
character design

Caricature illustrations
These are illustrations also done in any style and are an exaggeration of the real person for the purpose of expanding or enhancing facial features to enhance the visual effect... usually in a humorous manner. Makes a great gift!

Other services we provide...
We also test the coffee you provide to your clients and staff members to make sure that the standard is Proud Creations Approved (PCA) while giving moral support when you don't feel confident with a certain ad campaign or project.

Drop me an email if you require more info on how I go about creating a Proud Creation.


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