Wie’s Bang? Van Coke Kartel – The first 3 comic books are now available for FREE!

The first 3 comic books of Wie’s Bang? are now downloadable for FREE:
3 FREE Comic books
Note: Not for sensitive readers. Explicit language.

The very last page of Wie's Bang 3.

Wie’s Bang? The 3rd comic book now available for FREE.

This is the third in a series of Van Coke Kartel comics that are launching in the build up to the band’s album launch in November. Proud Creations also worked on the storyline with the creator of the series Marais Janse van Rensburg of Wondermutt. Blink Stefanus and Griffin from Wat Kyk Jy?, did the dialog in the comic book… So, naturally explicit language is plentiful in the comic.

Download the FREE comic

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Wat Kyk Jy?
Blink Stefanus
Wonder Mutt

Wie’s Bang? Van Coke Kartel comic book page 12…

This is a time lapse video of how I created page 12 of the 3rd Wie’s Bang? comic book for Van Coke Kartel. The background track “Vir Almal” performed by Van Coke Kartel.

Wie’s Bang? Comic Van Coke Kartel – “Vir Almal” backgound music

So… I’ve been asked to help out with Van Coke Kartel’s (Local Afrikaans Rock band) launch of their latest album which is launching sometime in November. The idea is to bring out 5 comic books to the buildup of the album launch.

Wondermutt(Da main brain child Marais) and Lohan from Proud Creations put their forces together to write the story line of the comic books. Griffin (watkykjy.co.za blog specialist) and Blink Stefanus(Die ou wat die blink kant bo hou) will be refining the dialog. 5 different illustrators will be challenged to produce 1 comic book each within a certain time line. (my deadline is shorter than everyone elses… cuz I’m a sucker for punishment)
The first Comic book (a free short 10 pager) which is out already and can be downloaded at zefshop.com was illustrated by a young chap called Shaun Hill, from Says Who. The second comic book was illustrated by Merwe Marchand… known to create artwork for South Africa’s well known rock bands like aKing. The third comic will be produced by me (Lohan Grobler from Proud Creations)… this one should be out in October.(I think) The 5th comic book will be illustrated by a one legged chimp boy from Delmas mentored by Jason Oosthuisen(Drummer VCK) aka Jagerboy. There’s also roomers spreading that Jagerboy might be the child’s father…

Anyways… I will post progress images and vids on my blog and facebook page to promote the project.

Toyota KaiZen Character development

I did a mascot character design for an internal campaign for Toyota Financial Services. Take a look at the time lapse progress video and different body position images.


This chick seems legit???

This is a quick concept illustration. Took about 1hour and 15 minutes. Check out the dodgy faces in the background… (Take another look)

Vampires Suck

Here is another quick concept illustration in digital art. I had fun with this one

Da First “Character of da week!”

This is kinda a weird one. I call it the “Werekangaroo”.

Take a look at the video:

Here is the final concept:

Character of da week

Castle Lager Rugby Illustration

Here is the Proud Creation process of creating one of these vector illustrations with the use of Adobe Illustrator.

View the rest of the Castle Lager Rugby illustrations in the Gallery

castle illustrations

The Proud Merchandise designs

Welcome to the first entry of the Proud Blog… Here are the first t-shirt designs available on the site. Most of them are based on “You” in the introduction video on the home page of the Proud Creations site.  View the video here: Click here.  Seeing that you are the most important part of the Proud Creations website, I thought it would be fitting to place you on the first merchandise at the Goodies section.  Here are the designs available, and to check out the merchandise with the designs on them… go to the Goodies section.

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